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Saving and improving lives is expensive work. And without donations, most of it would not be possible. This week, the Federal Trade Commission charged four “charities” and their administrators for out-right stealing nearly $200 million. Two charities have already been dissolved. Reprehensible behavior. But if you want to give, how do you know with whom to spend your money? One solution isCharity Watch, an independent organization that can help you understand where and how a donation might be spent. There are a number of other resources and websites; that is just one.

In 2013, Americans gave $335.17 billion to charity. Of that, $240.6 billion was given by individuals (资源)。I’ve been especially interested in final numbers of donations for 2014 for a number of reasons. First, my cousin’s 2-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia. (Did you know that the National Institute of Cancer dedicates only 4% of its funding to pediatric cancer research (资源)为什么癌症要摸我的家人得知?)其次,冰桶挑战(和麦克罗)。这里是我以前的poston it! In 2014, the ice bucket challenge raised $220 Million for the ALS Association (资源)。That’s about 700%morethan the year before (资源)。没有更多的人放弃在2014年,还是没人给予更多的,还是他们只是给不同?新的数字,预计下个月,会告诉我们。

目前谁给(或没有),以及有多少,什么时候,为什么有时是令人惊讶的。低收入和中等收入的人给他们的收入比他们高收入同行的比例较高。大城市的居民都不太可能放弃。当您比较各州和区给予的20最慷慨的,只有两个投在上次选举中民主党人的水平(资源)。All sorts of assumptions will not be made on why that is the way it is.

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