Will You Be My Prom Date?

Posted on May 10, 2016

By Traci Cothran


  • “Is Prom $pending Out of Control? The average American household spent $978 on this annual rite of passage last year. Is that crazy? Two teens sound off.”Choices/Current Healthin学生资源在上下文
  • “Choosing a Prom Queen, and Inclusion,”The New York Timesin对立的观点在上下文
  • How about a novel about Prom?Books & Authorshas them, fromProm Nights from HelltoTheAnti-PromtoTop Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.
  • “Hasan Minhaj of ‘Daily Show’ On Prom, Indian Dads and White Folks at Desi Weddings” – audio recording,All Things Considered, inU.S. History In Context
  • “住院儿童得到他们自己的一个舞会,”PR NewswireinGeneral One File
  • “Having a Ball at our Homeschool Prom,”实用家庭教学inKids InfoBits

So grab that tiara and your best dress or tuxedo, and read up on the issues surrounding that momentous night of each high school year!

What else can you find in our Gale databases?

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