July 2023 Must-Haves

由塔玛拉·巴特勒| |有异国情调的地方和奇怪的Disappearances Perfect reads for a sizzling summer afternoon include unusual characters in exotic locations and the mysteries surrounding family members who suddenly disappeared. Birnam Wood is a taut psychological thriller that takes place in beautiful New Zealand, where an enigmatic American billionaire works with a group …Read more

December 2022 Must-Haves: Life Is Better with Friends!

| By Tamara Butler | The bonds of friendship can accomplish great things. This holiday season, Thorndike is celebrating these relationships with five large print titles about the lengths people will go to for their friends. The past comes back to haunt a German woman decades after World War II when she befriends a young …Read more

Against the Odds: November 2022 Must-Haves

| By Tamara Butler | The human spirit is resilient and can triumph against incredible odds. This month, Thorndike offers five large print titles that celebrate this human experience and its ability to overcome trauma, loss, and suffering, and still come out on top. Matthew Perry’s highly anticipated memoir delves into his addiction and recovery, …Read more

所有的美食,No Tricks! October 2022 Large Print Must-Haves

| By Tamara Butler | In the season of trick or treats, these five titles are all treats that will be more satisfying than candy corn or Halloween pumpkins! Thorndike’s October offerings feature five courageous women, including an ancient African queen who looks to the gods to help her understand her place in the world, …Read more