Howard County Goes Big with STEM for Teens



Two years ago, when Howard County Library System (HCLS) began planning a 50 percent space increase for its Savage Branch, a team of HCLS visionaries proposed an opportunity: Why not design a cool, jazzy space to serve as headquarters for HiTech, HCLS’ cutting-edge STEM education initiative for teens?

这种想法导致了HCLS野人分公司及STEM教育中心,打开这个夏天。场地将拥有一个爱因斯坦教室,乔治·华盛顿雕刻科学实验室,奥斯卡·麦考克斯音频/视频室,咖啡厅居里,Leonoardo达芬奇会议室,和伽利略笔记本电脑吧 - 一切完美高科技型

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