The Encyclopedia of Senior Health Deemed an “Essential Resource”



你知道吗,家庭 - 没有专业医护人员 - 为老年人提供护理的80%至90%,约75所有照料者的%是女性。-哈佛医学院家庭健康指南

For all your questions regarding senior health, turn to老年人健金宝搏彩票康的大风百科全书:一个指南为老年人及其照顾者拥有对各种与衰老,包括疾病,治疗,康复,预防生活方式的选择,和社区照料方案问题650余项。可在印刷和电子书。


这篇文章发表于书目‘s February 15, 2016 issue; bÿ芭芭拉·比贝尔

CONTENTThis new edition (the first was published in 2010) features 664 alphabetical entries covering diseases and conditions, drugs, organizations, adaptive devices, and issues of interest to seniors. More than 70 entries are new, and 229 have been updated, authored by health-care practitioners, medical writers, and academics. All entries have references and definitions of key terms in sidebars. Questions that readers should ask practitioners also appear in sidebars, and there are tables and color photographs. Coverage of such topics as end-of-life planning and Medicare coverage and such assistive aids as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs make this a very useful resource for anyone concerned with the care of the aging. The rapidly growing population of seniors will make this an essential resource for most public libraries.


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