The Peculiar Death of King George V – As First Reported in the Times

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| By Sydney Fairman |

当英王乔治五世于1936年1月20日去世,世界被带领相信他已经死了的完全自然的原因。实际上,他的死亡是由赶紧他的医生,以确保该消息最早在报道The Timesrather than the afternoon newspapers. With the help of金宝搏彩票大风主要来源,this matter can be explored to delve deeper into what was first considered King George V’s “Peaceful Passing at Midnight,” according toThe Telegraph.

“Our Loss.” The Listener, Jan. 22, 1936

The notes made by the King’s physician, Lord Dawson of Penn, were released from the Royal Archives in November 1986. As reported in每日电讯报on November 27, 1986, the notes disclose that as the King’s condition deteriorated throughout the day, Dawson consulted Queen Mary and the King’s son, Edward, who instructed him not to prolong the King’s life unnecessarily. As it would be discovered, Dawson took the instruction “not to prolong” the King’s life as one authorizing him to shorten it.


道森在他的笔记中写道,他打电话他的妻子,要求她打电话The Timesto tell them to hold back publication. Then, Dawson administered the lethal dose and according to the notes, peace had descended upon the King within 15 minutes and 25 minutes later, he was dead. With the whole business transacted before midnight,The Times能够把这个消息在今天上午版。


“The determination of the time of death of the King’s body had another object in view, viz the importance of the death receiving its first announcement in the morning papers rather than the less appropriate field of the evening journals.”

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