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The wild, wacky and wonderful world of Dr. Seuss has been the salvation of many an exhausted parent who, ready to call it a night, succumbs to their child’s plaintive cry for just one more bedtime story. The easy rhyming flow in Dr. Seuss stories always made it easy for me to read just a little longer.There’s aWocket in my Pocketwas a favorite of both my daughters, who could recite word for word, page by page well before they were able to read – providing an opportunity for a little fun with unsuspecting relatives and friends who were amazed at how advanced my 3-year-old girls were.

I’ve been fortunate enough to continue to enjoy Dr. Seuss through my grandchildren and various mentoring programs through the years. The student I’m currently mentoring is a second grader who says Dr. Seuss is her favorite author, andGreen Eggs and Hamher favorite book, though we recently both found福克斯在红袜一点点努力。

在荣誉National Education Association’s Read Across America, which kicks off on March 2, and is also Dr. Seuss’s birthday, I decided to learn a little more about the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, whose real name was Theodor Geisel. There are many interesting and some surprising facts to be found in Gale databases. Here are a few:

  • 一位朋友曾经打赌苏斯$ 50写不出只用50个字的一本书。Green Eggs and Hamwas the result. (Kids Infobits)
  • 这一年接手苏斯博士写的帽子里的猫. As he later relayed in an interview: “Writing children’s books is hard work, a lot harder than most people realize, and that includes most writers of children’s books. And it never gets any easier. I remember thinking that I might be able to dash off帽子里的猫in two or three weeks. Actually, it took over a year. You try telling a pretty complicated story using less than two hundred and fifty words! No, don’t, not unless you’re willing to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.” (简历在上下文)
  • 苏斯博士曾经说过,他最喜欢的书是The Lorax(1971), which came almost effortlessly to him, allegedly taking only forty-five minutes to compose. This environmentally conscious allegory about trees so loved that they are all cut down and become extinct was also the only one of his books that anyone ever tried to ban. That effort occurred in 1989 in the Northern California logging town of Laytonville. (学生资源在上下文)
  • 苏斯博士的书If I Ran the Zoo(1950)介绍了字nerdinto the English language. (Research In Context)

为什么不庆祝苏斯博士的生日和读取穿越美国通过与共享您喜爱的苏斯博士的故事的孩子,即使孩子长大了你!我打算重新审视我最喜欢的三个:有一个在我的口袋里Wocket,The Butter Battle BookWhat Was I Scared of (The Pale Green Pants)?What are your favorites?



When Debra, a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, is not working or reading, she can be found gardening, running, swimming, or pursuing the lifelong learning that is at the tip of her fingers via Gale databases.