2015 TEAMS Award Ceremony and Celebration


Posted on November 12, 2015

祝贺我们2015年TEAMS奖获得者。上周奖的赞助商大风和图书馆媒体连接(LMC)的AA金宝搏彩票SL会议期间举办一次庆祝活动在哥伦布科学与工业COSI中心,OH,与他们的证书和奖品目前赢家。This year’s voting committee had amazing applications to review and discuss – from a school community garden putting a new spin on “farm to table”, to a 3D gallery walk featuring student artwork and videos, to a social action research fair with fundraising muscle – and all displayed exciting, creative ways in which teachers and media specialists are working together to promote learning and student achievement.


穆雷百年Public School, Trenton, Ontario, Canada – “Our Community Aurasma Gallery Walk”
Teacher Librarian Mary Walk Hope teamed up with grade one teachers to create an interactive gallery walk which incorporated 3D technology, the art from original student drawings, and elements of a new social study curriculum that included understanding the difference between natural and man-made artifacts, social responsibility, mapping skills and more.



斯科特中学,Lincoln, NE – “Make a Difference with Social Action Research”
对研究过程和h教学生ow to write a research paper, school librarian Jean Hellwege worked with middle school teachers to ignite passion in students through social action research that would help them identify a social issue that resonated with them and answered the question “What can I do to help?”. Using library resources to explore different social issues, the project culminated with the Make A Difference Fair where students presented their research to the community and raised money for their causes.


Scott School Photo

波特兰高中,Portland, TN – “Get Healthy – A Panther Community Garden”
To promote healthy eating habits, media specialist Michelle Gilliam worked with teachers and students to create a community garden that involved the math, art, science, agricultural science, special education, and food science classes to plan, develop, and turn the produce from the school’s garden into healthy snacks for underprivileged students in the school. This was all accomplished while utilizing library resources to research each step.


Portland Team Photo


  • 斯托克小学基诺沙,威斯康星
  • 高地小学沃伦顿,弗吉尼亚州
  • Swan Valley High School in Saginaw, MI

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