BBC Videos Enhance Learning in Gale Resources

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As part of an agreement with the BBC, Gale has acquired 2250 videos for inclusion in a variety of electronic databases. The videos feature professional narration, award-winning production values, and dynamic images, delving into a range of topics of interest to our users. Most of them are less than ten minutes long, providing focused coverage on a wide range of topics, and they appear inGale Researcher,the在上下文中family of products, and金宝搏彩票学术OneFile.

While a significant number of the videos cover contemporary events, just as importantly, many of them focus on people and events that are expected to be covered as part of national and state curriculum standards in the classroom. InU.S. History In Context,视频“斯科特把他争取自由的美国最高法院”讨论了法官,其中许多人在当时的奴隶主门前认为偏光1857年的法律案件。斯科特是无法获得的情况下,他的自由。视频的旁白提供有关美国,之前的内战怎么样,还没有准备好,以杜绝奴役上下文。

观看U.S. History In Context视频,“斯科特把他争取自由到美国最高法院。”

“The Bill of Rights” from金宝搏彩票学术OneFilegives an overview of the various freedoms codified in the first ten amendments, added to the U.S. Constitution in 1791, with visual cues to help students remember the various rights.

View金宝搏彩票学术OneFile‘s video, “The Bill of Rights.”

“勾股定理”从Gale Researcher提供了有关古希腊学者毕达哥拉斯,主要是为他的关于直角三角形的数学方程式如何,开发了音乐的好奇心投机轶事。毕达哥拉斯继续在音乐的领域涉及他的发现对天文学的猜测。


These three topics are part of many iterations of national standards. But not only do the clips provide reliable facts, they also encourage critical thinking, which is a primary component of curriculum standards. They make history come to life by discussing themes that still resonate and events that have shaped where we are today. So open up one of our great Gale databases and check out these new video additions!


Mark Mikula is a senior content developer for several of Gale’s history databases. In his travels, he has attended numerous film and theater festivals; the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, Connecticut; and the oldest consecutively held Fourth of July celebration in Bristol, Rhode Island.