金宝搏彩票盖尔研究员provides the scholarly content and technology-fueled tools students need to improve their ability to find, evaluate, and apply a range of sources in their research and coursework. By aligning scholarly materials to the scope and sequence of introductory college courses, Gale Researcher creates a simple but sophisticated research path for students looking to …Read more

BBCVideos Enhance Learning in Gale Resources

|马克Mikula |正如英国广播公司的协议的一部分,大风已收购纳入2250个视频中的各种电子数据金宝搏彩票库。在视频功能的专业解说,屡获殊荣的生产价值和动态图像,钻研感兴趣的一系列给我们的用户主题。他们大多是不到十...Read more

Cornell Professor and Librarian Collaborate to Contribute to Gale Researcher

Gale has partnered with Cornell College Professor of English Katy Stavreva to curate introductory British Literature content for金宝搏彩票盖尔研究员。在一篇文章中Cornell College’s News CenterStavreva描述映射出了英国文学模块基本内容的挑战,“This is no small challenge because the field is not only dynamic, but there are numerous ideologies and theories involved in deciding who and what may be foundational in it.”

Stavreva also collaborated with her Cornell colleagues to create content for金宝搏彩票盖尔研究员。Cornell Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and Consulting Librarian Jennifer Rouse contributed to the collection with the essay “The Literary Research Process.” A recent article on theCornell College News Center进入约大风研究员和Stavreva的贡献更多的细节。金宝搏彩票

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Help Students Improve Their Employability

For many undergraduate students, employment looms large as they look toward graduation. How can you help them prepare? Two words: information literacy. More than half of employers surveyed* recently rate “the ability to locate, organize, and evaluation information from multiple sources” as “very important” when it comes to hiring recent college graduates. How to help …Read more

Collaboration Benefits Everyone

Helping Librarians and Academic Faculty Work Together to Achieve Optimal Student Outcomes

In a recent article inAgainst the Grain莉兹·梅森,产品的盖尔副总金宝搏彩票裁,解决了在21世纪的教育是个大问题。她讨论了2015年的调查显示,认为有学术图书馆员和教师之间的脱节。金宝搏彩票结果表明,教师的显著数认为没有必要规划课程时,图书管理员和只有一半用于馆员咨询作为课程的问题的资源。

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金宝搏彩票盖尔研究员: “A Strong Database” that helps “Minimize the Legwork”

Wondering how you can save time and see better results? The search stops here.金宝搏彩票盖尔研究员puts reliable, citable information all in one place—at students’ fingertips. Now, faculty and librarians can direct students to one encompassing source of information and save the time it takes to compile and map individual resources.

Curious? See what a librarian thinks:

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Microsoft Integration Added to Gale Products

Posted on June 22, 2016

Many of Gale’s products now offer Microsoft Office 365 integration, further enabling users to access Gale content anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

MSFT sample sign in page
After authentication, login using Microsoft credentials. Click to enlarge.anywhere, and from any device.

These easy-to-use collaborative tools allow users to:

  • After authentication into your Gale products, login to Microsoft Office 365 with your Microsoft credentials
  • 通过在云大风内容下载到您的OneDrive帐户存储,同步和共享文件金宝搏彩票
  • 轻松传输下载使用OneDrive内容在其他Microsoft工具类似的OneNote和课堂

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Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and U.S. History for July 4th

Posted on June 22, 2016




  • 谁是第一次世界大战期间总统?
  • The House of Representatives has how many voting members?
  • Who is Chief Justice of the United States now?
  • How many amendments does the Constitution have?
  • When was the Constitution written?
  • The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers.

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By Michelle Eickmeyer

In just over three weeks, we’ll once again be coming together to celebrate the role and value of librarians, and librarians and staff. Though the winter meeting is not as widely attended (and is quite a lot of meetings), the excitement of an ALA is difficult to match.


And there’s a lot!

Google for Education Partner

Earlier this year, Gale embarked on the strategic decision to become a Google Apps for Education Partner. This enables us to both make content more discoverable (and trackable to you!) AND easier to save/return to later. Tens of thousands of users have saved documents from the Gale resources they access through your library with their Google credentials. Students and teachers are accessing theirIn Contextresources directly through apps in Google Classroom. Students and faculty beginning their research in Google Scholar are being directed to the library’s金宝搏彩票OneFile。We’re so excited about our partnership with Google, and everything we’re working on next with them! More information can be foundhere

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