Gale Researcher: “A Strong Database” that helps “Minimize the Legwork”

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Wondering how you can save time and see better results? The search stops here.Gale Researcherputs reliable, citable information all in one place—at students’ fingertips. Now, faculty and librarians can direct students to one encompassing source of information and save the time it takes to compile and map individual resources.

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This review was originally posted in the November 2016 issue ofBooklist.

“Research projects are a critical component of teaching analytical-thinking skills to students at the high school and undergraduate level. Fortunately, for both teachers and students, there are a good number of resources that help minimize the legwork in that process. This database from Gale offers an array of topics, effective search and browse options, and a streamlined overall blueprint. Libraries can purchase the different topic modules separately or in groups. Disciplines available for comprehensive or individual licensing include American and British literature, U.S. and world history, Western civilization, American government and politics, criminal justice, psychology, economics, and political science. (The full list of available modules can be viewed U.S. history module, for example, includes ample content in a variety of formats, including journal articles and videos. A sample search within this module included clicking on a “Jeffersonian Era” card that revealed a basic overview of the period; pertinent articles on the topic, including the Louisiana Purchase, Marbury v. Madison, and John Marshall; and videos, including an A&E network video on the Lewis and Clark expedition and anIntelecomproduction entitledThe Early Years of Jefferson’s Presidency. Each article is judiciously chosen and includes a bibliography, citations, and accessibility features, such as a text reader. It is worth noting that each topic in the database has been edited by a subject-matter expert, an aspect that adds greatly to overall effectiveness. Librarians can customize the database experience by adding links to relevant outside resources, both Gale and non-Gale. This is a strong database that offers librarians a range of purchase options.”

— Brian Odom, Reference Librarian, Alabama, September, 2016

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