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Posted on October 29, 2015


Once upon a time, a young thespian named Will set his quill to paper and wrote a play. The word is, he did pretty well…becoming the most beloved playwright and poet of all time.

A few years later, a sheltered young woman living in the country wrote stories to amuse her family. Ms. Jane Austen also met with great success, we’re told.

每一个伟大的作家开始的地方 - 采取的第一步,写的第一部作品。今天,文坛与新的人才爆裂。而桑代克可以帮助你把有前途的新的作者,以你的力量的读者 - 其中许多人喜欢阅读,便于和增强理解大字。


everybody riseEVERYBODY RISE通过斯蒂芬妮克利福德(9781410484352)

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  • LibraryReads和独立下一步匹克
  • “强迫性,关于贪婪和渗出美国经济第一条裂缝是被打飞掉了近距离和个人读轨如此壮观很短的时间之后。” - 出演,图书馆杂志
  • “一个有趣的翻页阅读的海滩。” -Publishers Weekly

THE GILDED LIFE OF MATILDA DUPLAIgilded lifeNEby Alex Brunkhorst (9781410482945)

  • 独立接下来匹克
  • 图书馆杂志夏季最佳选择亮相
  • “wonderfully appealing, both romantic and moody–reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier.”—KirkusReviews
  • “a bittersweet treat that will appeal to a wide audience.”—Publishers Weekly


  • LibraryReads和独立下一步匹克
  • People夏日海滩读
  • Entertainment Weekly海滩读取
  • Publishers WeeklyPW首先小说特征
  • “Alice’s struggles are relatable and heartrending—the decline of her cancer-stricken father is a particularly poignant arc.”–starred,Booklist

in a dark dark wood在一个黑暗的,深色木by Ruth Ware (9781410484987)

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  • LibraryReads和独立下一步匹克
  • Entertainment WeeklySummer Books Pick
  • Publishers Weekly“十大神秘和恐怖”匹克
  • “Ware writes with verve and energy, building up the suspense and keeping the pages flying.”–LibraryJournal
  • “高度可读的,大气的惊悚片。” -Booklist

黄金成名柑橘GOLD FAME CITRUS由克莱尔·瓦耶·沃特金斯(9781410486301)

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  • 图书馆杂志夏季最佳选择亮相
  • 4 starred reviews!


  • 独立接下来匹克
  • “a solid debut….May appeal to those who have also liked bookishly romantic stories such as根西岛文学与土豆皮馅饼社orThe Storied Life of A. J. Fikry.”—图书馆杂志
  • “图书俱乐部和电影潜在的大量在这一不可抗拒的翻页式。” -Booklist


  • International bestseller
  • “滑稽和酸甜苦辣......。这本书将吸引小说的读者和生活的学生。强烈推荐。”-图书馆杂志

the sympathizer

THE同情者by Viet Thanh Nguyen (9781410482624)

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  • 纽约时报编辑推荐
  • Nominee for the 2015 Carnegie Medal Award for Fiction
  • “很难相信这方面的努力,最好的最近的小说之一,涵盖了从亚洲的视角越南冲突,都将一一登场。这是正确那里与丹尼斯·约翰逊烟之树” - 主演,图书馆杂志
  • “astonishing”—starred,Publishers Weekly

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