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188 bet下载

|By Michelle Lee, Sr Content Developer | The Novels for Students series has been providing readers with a guide to understanding, enjoying, and studying novels for over 20 years. The series, which has covered over 850 novels across 60 volumes, is specifically designed to meet the curricular needs of high school and undergraduate college …188 bet下载

Unearth the Story Behind Hulu’s Riveting New Series,The Handmaid’s Tale

|通过崔西Cothran |使女的故事是在Hulu上一个新的电视连续剧,并且它得到了很多的关注。卫报称之为“及时适应[是]与反乌托邦的恐惧恐慌。”今日美国配音它“唤醒呼吁女性。”来自纽约时报詹姆斯·波尼沃齐克说,“这是坚定不移的,重要的和...Read more

Peer Picks…Meet Our Newest Peer Picks Selector

Posted on November 11, 2015

Robin Bradford罗宾·布拉德福德是目前小说,大字本,DVD,音乐和世界语言的Timberland的区域图书馆系统在华盛顿集开发馆员。在此之前转移到华盛顿,几个月前,她是印第安纳波利斯公共图书馆的小说集开发馆员。她在各种图书馆,学术和公共工作过,在各种姿势,从学生助理馆员。金宝搏彩票然而,有一两件事一直贯穿,常数是热爱读书。当她不工作,或啁啾,或博客,或阅读,或在会议上重点图书,罗宾看着地图和规划她的下一个冒险。

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Join Booklist and Thorndike Press for this free, hour-long webinar on building successful large-print collections. Speakers will include Nancy Pearl, Nora Rawlinson (EarlyWord), Tamara Kraus (Hickory County Public Library, NC), and Lisa Joyce (Portland Library, ME). Don’t miss this valuable program, featuring advice on all things large print: collection-development trends, reading group tips, and best …Read more

Encourage Literacy with NaNoWriMo!

Posted on November 5, 2015
By Anne Nagrant, Customer Success Manager

I enjoy the act of writing, and I used to write really long essays in college, but I’ve never tackled a major project like writing an entire novel. It seems so daunting. I think I might have trouble staying motivated long enough to really make progress. Luckily for people like me, November brings usNaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month)!

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Catch a Rising Literary Star

Posted on October 29, 2015



A few years later, a sheltered young woman living in the country wrote stories to amuse her family. Ms. Jane Austen also met with great success, we’re told.

Every great author started somewhere – by taking the first step and writing a first work. Today, the literary world is bursting with new talent. And Thorndike can help you bring promising new authors to your power readers – many of whom enjoy reading large print for ease and enhanced comprehension.


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桑代克出版社Staff Recommendation

Posted on October 26, 2015

桑代克出版社不会是领先的大型打印出版商如果不是因为我们的工作人员。我们热爱我们做什么 - 这是提供我们可以为我们的客户和读者最佳的整体体验。此外,在桑代克按我们把“V”的贪婪,当涉及到阅读和爱书!


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爱,激情,人性化 - 是的,拜托了!

没想到,她看到一个男子站在人行道右侧望着她。他身材高大,金发,和整个肩膀宽阔。他还很帅;看着他搅拌东西奥利维亚,一种感觉,而陌生的是远离不受欢迎......... ..


Romance novels have the same effect on their readers – stirring passion, happy memories, dreams, and, as public librarians know well, demand for more titles. Far more than the province of lonely women, romance titles attract readers of all ages with their lively story lines, adventurous plots, and exploration of all aspects of human emotion and experience.

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Readers Advisory: Books for Tweens

By Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner

“吐温”是儿童和青少年之间的年龄组的地方,大约4日rough 7grade. It is a time of dramatic change: physical, emotional, and mental. These kids have personalities, opinions, talents, and imaginations. They care about things. It is a spectacular age for reading because they have vocabularies and comprehension rates that can handle more intricate storytelling.

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