Cold Enough For You?

玛丽·凯利和Holly Hibner

冬天是我最喜欢的季节之一advisory. Yes, you read that correctly. Bad weather, especially snow and ice, are good for reader advisory. I can sell any book or video when the weather is bad. Weather is my go-to subject for ice breakers. This, at least, gets the conversation started and can lead a librarian right toward the patron’s information need. For those of us in the northern parts of the Midwest, we share with our patrons the long suffering experience of long, grey winters, and all the problems that can bring. Even if you love winter, by February things are looking pretty sad. Winter, where I live, can sometimes stretch right into May. It’s not the cold temperatures; it is the seemingly endless days of dark and grey. By late January, most of my customers coming into the library look like they are on a casting call for行尸走肉,and misery loves company.

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Love, passion, humanity – yes, please!

没想到,她看到一个男子站在人行道右侧望着她。他身材高大,金发,和整个肩膀宽阔。他还很帅;看着他搅拌东西奥利维亚,一种感觉,而陌生的是远离不受欢迎......... ..

从-ExcerptTake Me Homeby Dorothy Garlock

爱情小说对读者同样的效果 - 搅拌激情,快乐的记忆,梦想,以及作为公共图书馆熟悉,对以上职称的需求。远远超过寂寞女人的省,浪漫的标题吸引所有年龄段的读者用自己生动的故事情节,冒险情节,和人的情感和体验的各个方面的探索。

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