By Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to do reader advisory. Yes, you read that correctly. Bad weather, especially snow and ice, are good for reader advisory. I can sell any book or video when the weather is bad. Weather is my go-to subject for ice breakers. This, at least, gets the conversation started and can lead a librarian right toward the patron’s information need. For those of us in the northern parts of the Midwest, we share with our patrons the long suffering experience of long, grey winters, and all the problems that can bring. Even if you love winter, by February things are looking pretty sad. Winter, where I live, can sometimes stretch right into May. It’s not the cold temperatures; it is the seemingly endless days of dark and grey. By late January, most of my customers coming into the library look like they are on a casting call forWalking Dead,and misery loves company.

So what does this have to do with reader advisory? Just about everything. In understanding patrons, you have to share a common experience. For Midwesterners, the weather is always a good bet. Winter is always worth a comment from even the shyest patron. Everyone in my community complains about the snow and ice. I would guess that probably 90% of my patrons walking through the door (or calling the library) will invariably start commenting or questioning with me on some type of winter problem:

  • 高速公路和地方公路上的交通备份
  • 来自南方的人不知道如何驾驶雪地上
  • 铲雪问题:(包括设备的辩论,父母疯了,他们的孩子不能正确地铲,铲左右参数等)
  • Snow tires
  • 雪量
  • 活动取消的可能性/学校
  • 人当朋友和/或家庭成员都能够得到一个温暖的气候度假憎恨(这一切的不公!)



在你要急冲冲get that beach read or cheerful good time book as a counter action to winter doldrums, consider those who wish to wallow in misery with their fellow winter warriors or whatever is problematic in your community. So with a winter storm warning coming my way, let’s take a look at those dark or foul weather books. Not everyone wants to be cheered up, so keep in your reader advisory back pocket some nice cold weather themed book from Thorndike’s roster of titles.

Wallow away in some of these winter themed best sellers available through Thorndike Press:

  • 雪盲由克里斯托弗·金(2014)ISBN:9781410468482
  • 冬日的寒意由乔安妮福禄克(2015年)ISBN9781410478115
  • 世界冬季由肯·福莱特(2014)ISBN9781410475503
  • 冷库,阿拉斯加由约翰·斯特拉利(2014)ISBN:9781410470188
  • 攻城冬季由萨曼莎·诺曼和阿里亚纳富兰克林(2015年)ISBN:9781410478610
  • Cold, Cold Heart by Tami Hoag (2015) ISBN: 9781594138737
  • 雪中​​之血由尤·奈斯博(2015年)ISBN:9780804194884
  • 蓝迷宫由道格拉斯·普雷斯顿和林肯儿童(2015年)ISBN:9781455530182

Reading moods and matching books is a fundamental job for those of us in the book business. Good reader advisory begins with knowing your patron or customer, and that means trying to understand their life, their problems, etc. Is this possible? It is. The library is where average people look to find answers to problems, or at the very least, find a willing listener. Think about those common experiences in your community (that are not necessarily tied to controversy).



HollyMaryAbout the Authors

Holly is the Adult Services Coordinator at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, MI. She has a mild obsession with collection quality (ok, maybe not so mild) and can be found at the Readers’ Advisory desk dreaming up read-alikes.


Together Mary and Holly are the authors of “Making a Collection Count: a holistic approach to library collection management.” They also tweet at@awfullibbooks和博客在awfullibrarybooks.net