Bridging the Gap Between High School & College: Part 2

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这一系列博客将总结并强调我们的最近的一份白皮书的重要部分,纽约市DOE /纽约市立大学图书馆合作:跨越高中和大学之间的差距,其中您可以查看这里.

The whitepaper presents the progression and processes of the New York Collaborative Curriculum Revision Project (CCRP), a collaborative of high school teachers, college faculty, and librarians formed to build upon the new Common Core State Standards and better prepare students for post-secondary success. The posts will include sections quoted from the white paper as well as our own editorial.

DOE-纽约市立大学 - 第2部分第2部分:合作的模式和目标

From the beginning, three fundamental “truths” existed for the CCRP: that high school librarians play a critical role in successfully adopting and implementing Common Core Standards; that both the high school and university faculty and staff wanted students to succeed; and that they had the ability to make a real, lasting difference in the future education of students.

Facing the scaled adoption of the Common Core Standards by NYC public schools, each member realized this was an opportunity to make some changes.



  • Develop a scalable, collaborative model that enables teachers, professors and librarians to revise and create curricular units that aid the high school to college transition and, in the process, build lasting professional relationships;
  • 建立馆员到他们的机构中​​领导变革的作用;
  • 展示馆员跨两个庞大而复杂的组织和多学科内有效工作的能力。

The diversity and dedication of the individual members contributes to the strength of the CCRP. Learn more about the members, their mission, and more in the full whitepaper, available这里. Read other entries in this series这里.



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