Enhancements to the Free Access My Library Mobile App

1min read

You may be familiar with Gale’s Access My Library® (AML) app for iPhones and iPads that connects mobile users to the library’s Gale holdings. Now, it’s even better! All your library users can save time and get faster answers by being able to access eResources on mobile devices.


AML offers a host of great features, including:

  • “您附近的图书馆”Instantly locate a library in your area (includes all markets)
  • “我的图书馆”Store multiple library links in the app
  • “My Clippings”突出显示并保存裁剪(与引文)
  • “我的文章”Save an entire article to read or share later
  • 新资源显示:View by subject/list, star favorite databases, and PowerSearch/eBook search from Library home

Downloadthis free app and give it a try. Encourage your users to do the same. And share the good news about these enhancements, too!