Educators Embrace Technology to Verify Digital Resource Quality

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劳伦斯托克斯,虚拟图书馆经理的Las Vegas-Clark County Library District,经常设想客户在睡前睡衣。“我希望他们能够很好的和舒适的”斯托克斯开玩笑说。斯托克斯在这种方式很好的理由图片的用户。这是她的工作,以确保1.2万人的25个图书馆在她的县城,不仅有机会获得,但使用的数字资源区的投资服务。

为了实现自己的目标,斯托克斯首先必须说服教育工作者和顾客图书馆’s digital offeringswere of the same quality as its print collection. “It just didn’t seem to click that it’s the same content whether you’re looking at it online or on a piece of paper,” Stokes said.

Convincing educators and students the library’s databases were equivalent to its print materials would turn into a multi-yearLauren Stokes Virtual Library Manager努力。“这是这是在这本书中,相同的信息,”斯托克斯说。讽刺的是,同样的技术教育者最初怀疑最终会是怎样说服他们成为数字化的倡导者。


  • 说服教育图书馆的扩展的数字集合包含相同的高品质,权威性和可信的内容在物理或打印产品中发现。
  • 提供数字图书馆的资源与远程“点击”轻松和易用性。

  • 从盖尔数字资源,包括电子书GVRL金宝搏彩票

Innovation Plus an Outreach Program Convinces Skeptics and Increases Usage
斯托克斯学分转换成教育大风的成套产品,基于云的产品,它提供的数字内容,工具和图书馆服务的倡导者一个创新的功能。金宝搏彩票“的能力actually see the book是关键“,斯托克斯吹嘘。“当这个功能就出来了,老师和同学真能看到这本书,并意识到他们看的是同样的事情,在货架上的印刷版的数字版本。”



Gale Classroom Success Extends Library Resources Remotely with One Click Access
“They want simplicity,” Stokes said of customers accessing library materials remotely. “People just want to click on something and have the information right there in front of them.” But to make the library’s digital collection easier to access Stokes had to get creative.

The Gale databases were not showing up in search engine queries people had become accustomed to making. It’s why Stokes createdThe Librarian’s Brain, a blog she used to highlight and promote Gale database content. “I’d create a post with links to the database,” Stokes said.

The blog posts became popular and often ranked high in search engine results which drove traffic to the databases where customers could immediately access the information they desired in just one click. “I did this for our students and patrons,” Stokes said. “But even if you’re not one of our patrons our blog posts pop up when you search with certain keywords and point you to our Gale databases.”

It’s one reason why 75 percent of the library’s web site traffic is now comprised of remote users.

Digital Library Expanding and Providing Around the Clock Service

“We’re promoting our resources even to preschoolers who are learning numbers and colors.” Besides enabling older students to access reference materials at 9 o’clock at night for an assignment due the next morning, the digital expansion is also beneficial to rural or outlying libraries which often have less shelf space for printed reference materials.



  • Educators discover digital content is just as good, if not better, than the library’s physical collection which results in usage growth.
  • Customers now have “one click” access to digital content via the library’s web site or via third-party search.

Back in May 2014, Lauren Stokes joined our Gale Geek to share blogging best practices and ideas for what you can do to promote the library in your community. Download a recording of the webinar today!

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