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Kids InfoBits盖尔金宝搏彩票的乐趣,权威的K-5的资源,有许多功能可以吸引年轻人学习。在我们最喜欢的是InfoBits, fun facts available for each category – Animals, Music and Movies, People, and more.

Click the InfoBit button to reveal a fun fact

Regularly updated with new and interesting facts,InfoBitsengage students while teaching them about the subject, including its connections to current events. To access anInfoBitfrom the main menu, simply click on the button in the bottom-right corner of any subject card and it will display immediately.

Infobits engage students with facts about their chosen subject

Kids InfoBits是一个内容丰富的资源为特色的现代化,迷人的界面和导航设计与我们的客户和学生用户在课堂和社区的帮助。该设计有助于青少年学生探索产品和增益的舒适与数据库搜索。来自顶级出版商的全文专有内容,信息既可靠又面向符合当今的年轻学习者的需求。

有关更多信息,Kids InfoBitsor to set up a free trial, contact yourGale Representativeor call us today at 1-800-877-GALE.


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