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Before they were stars…soon-to-be movie blockbuster titles available in large print!

Ahem…and cue the announcer! “IN A WORLD dominated by video and movies, a plucky group of librarians dares to put large-print books into the hands of readers starved for stories in the most readable format available.”



Best of all, you can make blockbuster titles accessible to the broadest cross-section of readers by providing them in large print – offering one-size-fits-all font and increasing book circulation by ensuring accessibility for every reader. (Seemore reasonswhy large print supports a savvy collection development strategy.)





A perennial favorite, Mary Shelley’s科学怪人是由于今年另一部电影改编。主演Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, this film is sure to be a draw for movie lovers of all ages. Called维克多·弗兰肯斯坦,the story is told from from Igor’s (played by Radcliffe) perspective and shows the troubled young assistant’s past and his unlikely friendship with the medical student Viktor Von Frankenstein. The film is scheduled to be released in October.

TheLightBetweenOceansThe Light Between Oceans由M.L.斯特德曼志不一个灯塔看守人的故事和他的妻子生活关西澳大利亚谁养孩子,他们从一个漂泊划艇抢救的海岸。电影被导演性情急躁年轻导演德雷克·恰安富伦斯,谁导演蓝色情人节

Me Before YouMe Before You通过乔乔莫耶斯路易莎·克拉克讲述了一个普通的女孩谁需要一个迫切需要的岗位上工作的宇宙将特雷纳的前大师的故事,现在摩托车事故后坐轮椅。拒绝对他心慈手软,娄下决心节目将生活仍然是值得的生活。影片将在今年晚些时候推出。

The MartianJessica Chastain will play a leading role in yet another movie adaptation this year:The Martian安迪堰。这部科幻冒险也将有马特·达蒙和克里斯汀威格。在这个故事中,宇航员马克·沃特尼成为人类第一次登陆火星,但经过激烈的风暴和左后方被推定死亡。由于只有微薄的物资,他必须借鉴他的巧思,机智和精神找到一种方法来通知地球,他还活着。

SerenaThe movieSerena(根据这本书由Ron皮疹)团聚布莱德利·库珀和詹妮弗·劳伦斯(广受好评的明星在乌云背后的幸福线) to play newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton, who set out to be timber barons in 1929. Serena soon proves herself the equal of any man‚ and the ruthless lord and lady kill or vanquish all who fall out of favor. Then Serena learns that she can’t bear children‚ and sets out to murder George’s illegitimate son.

InsurgentThe movie adaptation ofInsurgent由维罗尼卡罗斯是一个科幻惊悚片与女主人公,三。凯特·温斯莱特和娜奥米·沃茨在一个年轻女子谁必须面对她的心魔,并继续她的这个精彩的故事中发挥作用对一个强大的联盟,威胁要与其他人的帮助下在她的身边撕裂她的社会斗争。

Dark Places查理兹·塞隆和科洛·莫瑞兹在阿娇弗林的屏幕适配扮演的角色主演Dark Places。故事:一个女人谁幸存她的家人惨遭杀害的儿童被迫与解决臭名昭著的犯罪迷恋一个秘密社团面对这一天的活动。188金宝搏北京赛车

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