我大风ü金宝搏彩票: Leslie Morgan, University of Notre Dame



到现在为止,我相信你已经听说过金宝搏彩票盖尔ü,our way of putting real names, faces, and stories to the kinds of people who frequent the library, explaining their needs and challenges, and providing creative solutions. Gale U houses 47 unique individuals from librarians, to faculty, to students. Each of these personas was developed via extensive research and by working with real-life individuals to determine our fictitious library users’ needs.

2014年7月23日。莱斯利摩根照片由巴黎圣母院的马特·卡索/大学Now, we’d like to showcase just how realistic these personas are by working in reverse and finding real-life people who can relate to each and every one of them. This endeavor kicks off today in the first of a new blog series, entitled我大风ü金宝搏彩票

我们希望在大风U,本科图书馆的心脏开始。金宝搏彩票也许你已经了解了一些关于我们的常驻本科服务馆员,纳奥米 - 如果不是,you can get to know her here。The feature of this article is Naomi’s library twin,莱斯利·摩根谁作为第一年的经验图书馆员圣母大学。我很幸运地拥有这个鼓舞人心的,活泼的女人聊天,我希望她的采访同样将让你感觉通电!

First, I asked Leslie to explain how she and Naomi are alike.


虽然传统librari训练参考an, Leslie has been a leader in the digital revolution, bringing the university’s collection from a roughly 40/60 digital/print ratio to a stunning 95/5. She says that Gale resources,在语境对立的观点GVRL真的帮她做这种转变的情况。

Like her fictional counterpart Naomi, Leslie teaches an undergraduate course on information literacy, and she does everything she can to ensure that ALL undergraduate students are familiar with research tools and on the road to becoming true scholars. She invites her students to come to her with questions–trusting them to own the process–and they always come through with fantastic questions. Her favorite part of the job is when she gets to witness a student having that very first “ah-ha” moment that ups his or her research game. Also like Naomi, when Leslie finds a resource she likes, she makes it her mission to tell a million people!




While GVRL provides a clean and familiar interface (with a string of recent updates and enhancements that Leslie and her students have especially appreciated), she believes OVIC is the best choice for teaching her students about argument and analysis and rhetoric, even going so far as to call it the “perfect” resource for this endeavor.


Leslie and Naomi aren’t perfect twins, though. Our Gale U persona, Naomi, is sometimes at odds with the subject selectors when fighting for limited financial resources. This was initially true for Leslie as she started her career; however, she advocated to change the perceptions toward first- and second-year students and was remarkably successful in changing attitudes at her university. Leslie claims that the more she trusts the students, the more they amaze her.



“Sometimes, I have to pinch myself what I’ve been able to accomplish as a librarian. I’ve really blown colleagues away by daring to step out of the box and make things happen. I’m not afraid to crash and burn, and this strategy has worked well for me,” Leslie explains.