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By Michelle Eickmeyer


During the 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa, 34% of American’s watched at least some part of a match. And we didn’t watch too much. (Source但在2014年吗?我们都已经准备好了。很多人观看,and we watched a lot of the matches. Thirty-nine percent more of us watched 33 percent more. (Source


When the U.S. led the charge to investigate corruption within FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, it raised a few eyebrows. Why isAmericagetting involved was asked by several people, but with varying tone. ‘You don’t even like soccer’ on one side, and ‘finally but how come someone who cared more didn’t step up a long time ago’ from the other. The most frustrating response, in my opinion — as an American who likes soccer — was from Russian president Putin who said we were once again meddling in world affairs which were not our concern and somehow tried to get Edward Snowden involved. (Source)That is the sole statement I have read expressing this (paranoid?) opinion; let’s leave it alone. Other voices from around the wold have been more supportive, including这个BBC的文章。

Obviously, no one at the DOJ consulted me when they planned this action, but there are several reasons which make it easy to understand how/why we chose to act when others did not. We like a fair fight. We aren’t afraid to say no or ask tough questions, even if we have to ask them of our friends. We don’t like being taken advantage of. And, perhaps most importantly, we can sometimes see things differently because we don’t have years of “just accepting it” like many other countries.





随着越来越多的57000余个结果在足球(足球或 - 搜索时,无论是长期工作),其历史可以追溯到1896年至2004年12月31日,每日邮报提供了从盖尔任何资​​源的最覆盖率。金宝搏彩票比赛当天账目,风扇发热,灾害调查和恒星和业主的生活和时间,更是可用的。随着风格和幽默只针对英国媒体预留,每日邮报告诉它作为人们看到它。


如果您正在寻找贪污及时研究材料,GVRL是看的第一个地方。(这是第一个地方,我看了 - 公顷)包括来自ABC-CLIO新标题(Dirty Deals?: An Encyclopedia of Lobbying, Political Influence, and Corruption; 2015),John Wiley & Sons (抵制企业腐败:从安然实践伦理学案例度过金融危机2014年),Greenwood Publishing’s award winner (商业丑闻,腐败与改革:一个百科全书,2013)among them, your students will surely find current examples and information.

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