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By Michelle Eickmeyer

我一直是个“报童”的人,只要我能记得;这个故事对我来说很重要。当我选择这个职位的话题,我尽量选择一些东西,是引人注目的,有趣的,或许一些你通常不会考虑作为一个伟大的跳点的研究项目。尽可能经常地,我尝试包括来自美国的消息之外的东西“大”,作为了解世界的永远是重要的。通过我以前的帖子来看,也有很多悲剧,体育赛事和问题所造成的天气。188金宝搏北京赛车更多的时间比不,很明显这是什么职位应约。但是,今天我打算把在世界上最大的故事发生一针,现在,它保存为下周的事件仍在,并迅速,方兴未艾。188金宝搏北京赛车莱斯Parisiens酒店ONT ETE丹斯MES的Pensees挂件DES JOURS。麦CETTE鳍bientôt。

In far less serious events, let’s take a look at the Hoegh Osaka. It’s the nightmare of every car enthusiast around. A cargo ship, carrying more than $53M in cars — Jaguars, Land Rovers, MINIs among them — began to list (read: tip) after leaving Germany. The crew, who have all safely left the ship, decided beaching it on a sandbar was the best way to save the cargo. Salvagers are now estimating that more than 3000 tons of water from the hold. By comparison that’s six times the weight of the fuel on board.

这艘船,还是“严重清单”超过一个50 degree angle, has been freed of its temporary dock and is being pulled by tug closer to shore. The state of the cargo remains to be see; few are hopeful.

Here are five titles that look at the Hoegh Osaka from different perspectives:

Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Sociology, 1st Ed. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014





If not by boat, how? How, when and why materials are shipped around the world is the science of logistics. The balance of business to keep materials readily available at a “reasonable” price (a concept completely relative and dependent on the item being purchased) where the company continues to make money and the consumer feels they’ve been treated fairly is fundamental to the success of a production based business. Add in the layer of international commerce and the “Amazon effect” of extremely low tolerance for waiting for anything much less paying shipping costs. Take a deeper dive into the land of logistics and transportation in this new Sage title.

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, 3rd Ed. Gale, 2011

Pirates would have you believe that anything in the ocean is up for grabs. But is it ever a game of “finders keepers”? If you’re confident the contents of a ship are ruined, do salvage laws change? What are the implications of where the disaster happened? Get a feel for the laws which govern accident and recovery in the United States with this title.

Encyclopedia of Marine Science, 1st Ed. Facts On File, 2010



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