其他新闻:Caitlyn Jenner&性别认同





Caitlyn is the most recent in a growing list of main-stream transgender people. In 2007, Candis Cayne turned heads as Billy Baldwin’s mistress for 11 episodes on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, marking the first time a trans character appeared for more than a single episode on prime time American television. Chaz Bono began his transition in 2008, after suffering for years with the press. Laverne Cox, one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time Magazine (May 2014) for an article titled “The Transgender Tipping Point.” Andreja Pejic (Instagram) was the first transgender model to appear in Vogue magazine while Hari Nef (Instagram) signed with modeling agency IMF earlier this year, a first for the powerhouse agency. There are others, famous and not, making changes every day.

少于美国人口的1/3的1/3识别为跨性别(Source)。从历史上看,这个小组是一个极度不成比例的暴力,谋杀症的20%和警方暴力的40%。(Source)2014年第一季度最近的统计数据显示,10%的暴力犯罪是针对18岁以下的跨跨女孩犯下的暴力犯罪。他们被殴打,刺伤,扔石头,射击,绞死,勒死和肢解。(Source)有时被陌生人;有时家人。太often, they kill themselves.

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In Other News: Martin Luther King Jr.

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That the marches which fueled the Civil Rights Movement occurred 50 years ago is unbelievable. How can it be 50 years already… and how can it only have been 50 years? Present history will tell us that race relations in the United States are far from equal and the conversation rages on regarding fair treatment and assumptions.

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I’ve been a ‘newsy’ person for as long as I can remember; the story is very important to me. When I choose the topic for this post, I try to choose something which is compelling, interesting, and perhaps something which you would not typically consider as a great jumping off point for a research project. As often as possible, I try to include something “big” from news outside of the US, as being aware of the world is always important. Looking through my previous posts, there are many tragedies, sporting events and issues caused by the weather. More times than not, it’s obvious what this post should be about. But today I’m going to put a pin in the biggest story happening in the world right now, and save it for next week as events are still, and rapidly, unfolding. Les Parisiens ont été dans mes pensées pendant des jours. Mai cette fin bientôt.



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This story is heart-breaking. Everything about the events in Ukraine since 17 July have not made logical or reasonable sense. A commercial airliner with 298 passengers flew, at an approved height, over a battle zone. Fighters in that area blew it out of the sky, believing only a military plane would fly there, with weapons provided by another nation. Then, for days, the same fighters laid a sordid claim to the wreckage, holding the victims and their family in some cruel, unthinkable, inhumane limbo — they held the bodies of victims; they rummaged through their belongings; they took photos. Finger pointing began immediately, and few solid answers have found their way to the surface. The black boxes have finally been turned over and international authorities have begun an increasingly difficult task of proving what happened. Based solely on facts and without pressure from any side.


In Other News: The World Cup

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For most of the world, the most exciting month has just begun and Brazil is the place to be. For years, soccer has been a second-class sport among Americans. While there are always die-hard exceptions, soccer has struggled to gain a serious following. Which doesn’t make any sense at all.

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