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由Michelle Eickmeyer

When Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer, he openly discussed a battle he has been fighting for most of his life. And on 24 April, he let the world in on his secret: Bruce Jenner, American hero athlete and reality pseudo-star, is transgender. Though Jenner is an actual stranger to most of us, many people do feel that they know Bruce. They may have seen him on TV, or on a magazine cover. They may have rooted for him all those years ago as he seemed to embody America’s battle against the USSR. Because of this unique position and circumstance, Jenner’s revelations and transition are special. For the first time, perhaps ever, most of the country (if not the world) can truly say they know someone who identifies as transgender. On ` June, the world said goodbye to Bruce, and hello to Caitlyn Jenner. She is who she has always been, and is now sharing her battle to be herself, and her appearance, with the world.

Caitlyn is the most recent in a growing list of main-stream transgender people. In 2007, Candis Cayne turned heads as Billy Baldwin’s mistress for 11 episodes on ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, marking the first time a trans character appeared for more than a single episode on prime time American television. Chaz Bono began his transition in 2008, after suffering for years with the press. Laverne Cox, one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time Magazine (May 2014) for an article titled “The Transgender Tipping Point.” Andreja Pejic (Instagram的)是第一个变性模型出现在Vogue杂志,而哈丽·内夫(Instagram的)签订的建模机构IMF今年早些时候,一为强国机构。还有其他的,有名的,而不是,使每一天的变化。

少的美国人口的1%的1/3识别为变性(Source)。从历史上看,这个群体是一个非常不成比例的暴力,凶杀的20%和警察暴力的40%的收件人。(Source)最近统计的第一季度2014年表明,暴力犯罪的10%的反式对孩子未满18 Kids.They犯进行殴打,刺伤,投掷石块,拍,挂,勒死,肢解和。(Source) Sometimes by strangers; sometimes by family. Too often, they kill themselves.


In Other News: McDreamy


由Michelle Eickmeyer


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由Michelle Eickmeyer





由Michelle Eickmeyer

这一周,你拿到奖金后。我几乎已经完成了马丁·路德·金后,当消息传出国王阿卜杜拉去世昨晚深夜。其可用的,快完成了,here. Stay tuned for what will surely be an upcoming post on Yemen.


In Other News: Boxing Day


由Michelle Eickmeyer

作为一个美国人,我有勃喜的零知识ng Day is in practice. To be honest, I thought it had something to do with the sport of boxing. I know there are soccer matches held on Boxing Day, why couldn’t it have had something to do with boxing? But it turns out, no. It’s actually to do with packages. Two kinds of packages – and some of the best kinds — gifts and left-overs. Boxing Day is an extension of Christmas. Interestingly, modern Boxing Day is a bit of “Christmas [or Hanukkah, I’d presume] with the family you chose, eating all of the delicious food remaining from family holiday celebrations.

I love this, and believe America must adopt it at once!

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由Michelle Eickmeyer




In Other News: The Congressional Medal of Honor


由Michelle Eickmeyer


Winston Churchill once said “never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,” and the Congressional Medal of Honor is just one small, yet significant, way to honor those who have given much.

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