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By Michelle Eickmeyer

This week, you get a bonus post. I had nearly finished a post on Martin Luther King Jr when news broke late last night of King Abdullah’s death. Its available, nearly finished,here. Stay tuned for what will surely be an upcoming post on Yemen.


法赫德统治的极大考验 - 从而对沙特阿拉伯本身,阿卜杜拉 - 无疑是极端分子的战斗和恐怖组织的生长。1994年,本·拉登是沙特出生,被剥夺了国籍。19名9月11日劫机者的十五是沙特国民。同年,法赫德谴责恐怖和扩大妇女的权利。



Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, 2nd Ed. Gale, 2015

Islam’s two most holy locations, Mecca and Medina, are located within Saudi Arabia. As an Islamic state, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia “does not officially recognize the right of other faith communities to worship” and it is illegal to practice or promote another faith in public. Interestingly, this also applies to Shiite Muslims. What role does the King play in regard to religion? What is the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention, and why they unique among other Islamic nations? What is Wahhabism and how did 9/11 change the world’s view of it and Saudi Arabia?


Whether born there or trained there, the “story” of many notorious terrorists involves a mention of Saudi Arabia. From the first dealings with international pirates through the 15 June 2014 capture of the mastermind of the Benghazi attack, readers will learn more about the events, people and politics of Al Qaeda in this new title.

Encyclopedia of Conflicts since World War II, 1st Ed. M.E.Sharpe, 2014

我将是第一个承认这一点 - 有很多东西要去上,我不知道。Add in the things I’ve missed, dismissed, and downright ignored, and that’s a lot of ‘things.’ From a conflict perspective, it is often difficult to keep a complete picture of uprisings, skirmishes, conflicts, battles and wars around the world. And that doesn’t mean you’ll understand them or really get why they are happening. Gain some insight into 32 conflicts involving Saudi Arabia in this title.

Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering: A Global Resource, 2nd Ed. Macmillan Reference, 2014.

Oil. For most of us, Saudi Arabia is synonymous with oil. According to CNN, gas currently costs $.91(US) a gallon in Saudi Arabia. There is much speculation that the kingdom is currently not slowing production (which would raise gas prices to a more profitable level) in an effort to economically harm smaller oil producing nations. It’s a negotiated risk — they are willing to lose money because, fractionally, it’ll hurt you more than it’ll hurt them. Get a deeper look into the business of oil with this title.




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