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By Michelle Eickmeyer

It’s that time of year again! Baseball season has opened at home for all MLB teams. The cherry blossoms are opening in Washington, D.C. Pedicure chairs throughout the country are filling up. And the Masters is on TV!

Oh, the Masters. As a golfer, this is my official start of spring. That longing to be swinging the sticks in warm weather. The jealousy for those watching in shorts and short sleeves. The weird thrill of hushed voices and low claps that only a golfer can understand. While the Masters is far younger a tradition than many other top tournaments, it is widely held as “theevent” of golf.

Here are five titles that look at the Masters from different perspectives:

Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 1st Edition. Sage Publications, 2014

The thing about golf is it’s kind of a horrible, tortuous game. You spend your entire summer trying to get out and pay good money to whack a small ball with a larger ball attached to a stick. It’s maddening …. and amazing. Like most sports, the mental element of golf is essential to success. Blocking out what just happened and focusing on what you want to happen next is about 90% of it. Get deeper into the sports mind with this Sage title.

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, 2nd Edition. St. James Press, 2013.

When the Masters debuted in 1934, the biggest attraction was the return of Bobby Jones. While at the top of his career and at the age of 28, Jones stepped away from golf in 1928. He’d won the Grand Slam, winning each of the previous four major championships. There was nothing left to accomplish…. until the Masters. Learn more of Bobby’s story inSt. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture.

World Sports, A Reference Handbook, 1st Edition. ABC-CLIO, 2012

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to play golf. As host of the Masters tournament, millions of people see its gracious fairways and hope to play there. But until very recently (too recently, frankly), membership was exclusively limited to men. Former U.S. Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and financier Darla Moore were welcomed into the membership in 2012. Gender bias in sport is not new and, sadly, still exists. Learn more inWorld Sports: A Reference Handbook.

DK Eye Witness Travel Guide: Scotland, 1st Edition. DK Publishing, 2012.

As with most fantastic inventions, many cultures claim to have invented golf. And it’s true: there were games that involved taking one item and using it to hit another in some meaningful direction. But, generally, the Scots are credited with inventing the best, most frustrating pastime.

Great Athletes: Golf & Tennis, 1st Edition. Salem Press, 2009.

Jack. Fred. Phil. Byron. Ernie. Tiger. Betsy. Nancy. Pat. Karrie. Annika. Michelle. Learn more about these names of the game (and more!) inGreat Athletes: Golf & Tennis.


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