Keep Your Children Learning this Summer with National Geographic Kids

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Looking for something to do with younger children this summer, that will both occupy their time and provide learning? Your public library may have just the ticket withNational Geographic Kids, available 24/7 in their digital collection.

National Geographic Kidsprovides access to pictures, videos, eBooks, and magazines that are chock full of beautiful images and information—and presented with lots of fun!

Feeling curious about polar bears, emperor penguins, and jaguars? Browse issues of国家地理Kids杂志为这些文章,再加上环保提示,拼图和游戏,让你的孩子的兴趣和大脑接合。想知道更多吗How to Speak Dogor explore the forest in摇摆懒惰?National Geographic Kids拥有这些电子书为您服务!也有一个奇怪但真实的系列充满了无耻的事实,100 Things to Know Before You Grow Up试试这个!50个有趣的实验的疯狂科学家的你,数百个其他头衔之中。

For a kid who loves watching videos, there are a host of short watches, including “Things You Want to Know: Ice Cream,” “Amazing Animals: Blue Whales,” and “You Wanna Be a What?! Dung Detectives.” And there are tons of pictures from around the world that your little one can click through to explore different experiences and capture their imagination.

Visit your library’s website to see ifNational Geographic Kids被提供,并让您的孩子通过这个惊人的收藏探索世界。无论你的孩子的兴趣空间,动物,天气,随机的事实,或好奇的工作,他们一定能找到自己感兴趣的东西!

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Traci Cothran is the director of Gale’s K12 content team as well as a history buff, so she can often be found watching videos from the early 1900s inGale In Context: World History.