| By Traci Cothran | Looking for something to do with younger children this summer, that will both occupy their time and provide learning? Your public library may have just the ticket with National Geographic Kids, available 24/7 in their digital collection. National Geographic Kids provides access to pictures, videos, eBooks, and magazines that are …188betapp下载

The Great Debate

| By Tracey Matthews, K12 Content Strategist , Gale | Complete your debate prep for the National Speech & Debate Tournament with Research In Context! With several portals (or topic pages) on social issues, Research In Context helps middle schoolers make connections to the world beyond the classroom, write persuasive research papers, and prepare well-informed …Read more


| Catherine DiMercurio | January 1, 2019, marked what would have been J. D. Salinger’s 100th birthday. Salinger died in 2010, having secured his place in literary history and American culture in 1951 with the publication of his novel The Catcher in the Rye. The work was a bestseller, and its angsty teen protagonist, Holden Caufield, …Read more

Kids InfoBits: “An Absolute Winner” and “Valuable Resource”

Posted on June 7, 2016

搜索对于一个年轻的学习者的教育“有价值的资源”?Kids InfoBits提供适合年龄的和课程内容一致,涵盖了广泛的议题。呈现在方便的导航和设计现代,色彩缤纷的接口,Kids InfoBits帮助青少年学生发展自己的技能,在数据库检索。


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As technology rapidly transforms, it becomes increasingly challenging to design and implement a library website that motivates students to visit library resources on their own time. That is why Gale has teamed up with Librarians across the country, providing web analysis services and creating new webpages free of charge through our Customer Care team.

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