Napa High School Embraces Online Resources

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The school library. For decades, it was the go-to source for students looking for books to research a topic or write a paper.

不再。如今,库涉及到学生 - 他们的智能手机,ipad公司,笔记本电脑或其他高科技装置。

At Napa Valley Unified School District high schools, libraries have transitioned from a room with four walls to a virtual collection of digital resources including e-books, databases and much more.


—Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services at NVUSD.


“We have to be technologically nimble,” said MacMillan.


“The need for library services or info is not going to go away,” said MacMillan. “We’re just providing it in a different manner.”


Library circulation at NVUSD high schools confirms the trend. The number of printed books checked out has dropped significantly over the past years.



At the same time, the use of e-books and online databases at those libraries has risen greatly.

E-books provide instant access to class novels, advance placement and college-bound reading lists. All high school students are able to self-check, renew and take notes in e-books.


另外,从一个虚拟参考库“检索”这NVUSD用途 - 称为盖尔 - 在葡萄酒在过去12个月突破8,186。金宝搏彩票


The Gale databases provide instant access to newspaper articles, magazine articles, academic journal articles and critical essays, along with videos and audio reports. These resources can be instantly translated into 13 different languages including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.



Today, there is no budget for new printed books at the high school libraries, said MacMillan. Some books are donated by alumni groups or others. Instead, library funds are used to buy access to a wide variety of databases such as Gale, e-books, and other digital resources.

“Providing these materials in print at each high school would be cost prohibitive,” said MacMillan.



When asked about online resources she uses, Leon said, “I love Gale”数据库集合NVUSD订阅。


For most students, “I don’t think they’d know how to survive” without access to online databases and e-books, said Leon.