|By Traci Cothran | America is a great country, full of diversity, and we are once again grappling with the civil unrest that results from unresolved issues of racism and disparity. What I’ve learned in my study on racism is that it’s the responsibility of the people who hold the power and put the …188asia.com




–Albert Einstein

Albert knew. And many people today know. Libraries are amazing resources, community assets, and treasure troves of knowledge. But what makes them so amazing? Here are nine things we think make libraries unique and valuable.


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|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|下列的游戏最近添加,可以设在使用基本或高级搜索形式的产品。标题可以通过浏览出版物在两个星期内被发现。有关完整覆盖信息,请参见产品称号列表。金宝搏彩票学术OneFile Aawliyat AL-Ulum WA-AL-Tiknulujiya(SyndiGate Media公司)同行评议的学术...阅读更多

American Reference Books Annual Praises Three GVRL eBook Titles

How your users research is just as important as what they research. While other eBook platforms direct users to title-level results, Gale eBooks on GVRL is designed to cross-search all of your eBooks to pinpoint relevant material. The result? They spend less time looking for credible information, and more time diving into it. Earlier this month, American Reference …阅读更多

Nevertheless, She Persisted – Celebrating Women’s History Month Honorees

|By Deb Kirby | A couple of days after Senator Elizabeth Warren’s attempted silencing on the floor of the U.S. Senate during Attorney Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings, I ordered a tee shirt featuring the now famous phrase, Nevertheless, She Persisted. That evening as my husband and I waited in the noisy lobby of Ann …阅读更多

Napa High School Embraces Online Resources

|Originally posted on the Napa Valley Register | The school library. For decades, it was the go-to source for students looking for books to research a topic or write a paper. Not anymore. Today, the library comes to the students – on their smartphones, iPads, laptops or other tech devices. At Napa Valley Unified …阅读更多


|Originally posted on District Administration by Abby Spegman | Students want to spend time in the active, group-learning learning spaces schools are building Steven Yates has a message for would-be school librarians. “If you’re coming to this because you like to read and you want to manage a collection of books, then you showed up about …阅读更多