Spotting a Tree Octopus

The Critical Role of Pedagogy in Educational Technology & Product Development for Tomorrow’s Scholars | By Lindsey Gervais, Digital Pedagogy Specialist, Gale | Have you ever heard of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus? Created back in the same day we were waiting for the yellow AOL figure to dial up the internet while someone got …Read more

Cloning Pets: Good, Bad, or Scary?

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|Earlier this year the story surfaced that singing legend Barbra Streisand had cloned her beloved dog, Samantha, who had died at the age of 14. As the result of cloning Streisand’s Coton de Tulear, three puppies were created, two of which Streisand kept. Ethical issues arose surrounding the question of …Read more

添加到收藏InfoTrac 2018年5月新标题

|由盖尔金宝搏彩票员工|下列的游戏最近添加,可以设在使用基本或高级搜索形式的产品。标题可以通过浏览出版物在两个星期内被发现。有关完整覆盖信息,请参见产品称号列表。金宝搏彩票学术OneFile Aawliyat AL-Ulum WA-AL-Tiknulujiya(SyndiGate Media公司)同行评议的学术...Read more

New Content Recently Added to National Geographic Virtual Library

下面的内容是刚加入和可位于使用基本或高级搜索形式的产品。要查看包含在国家地理丛书,完全覆盖信息的内容全部列表,请访问我们的数据库标题列表。请继续关注新的内容更新!国家地理:人物,动物,...Read more

Nevertheless, She Persisted – Celebrating Women’s History Month Honorees

|By Deb Kirby | A couple of days after Senator Elizabeth Warren’s attempted silencing on the floor of the U.S. Senate during Attorney Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings, I ordered a tee shirt featuring the now famous phrase, Nevertheless, She Persisted. That evening as my husband and I waited in the noisy lobby of Ann …Read more