New Jersey State Library Offers the Opportunity to Earn a High School Diploma

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将近五分之一的八名成人25岁以上在新泽西没有高中文凭。网上职业高中,由新泽西州立图书馆主办的一项新计划,旨在改变这种状况。使用从国家和克林顿全球倡议资助,六个库 - 卡姆登,伊丽莎白,龙科,苏格兰平原,萨默塞特郡,和特伦顿 - 将有可能使125名学生完成高中免费。该计划预计将扩大它所服务的前进的人数。

After initial screening, students accepted into the program will be able to do coursework on any computer, including those at the library. Childcare and transportation stipends are also an option.