Open Access to Support Mental Health During the Pandemic

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Mental health is health. Even though we tend to think of health somatically, and ill health as aches and pains and maladies of the body, the term has to include the mind and our psychological experience, for the two aspects of human life are intimately connected. Aches and pains and disease can “get you down,” and psychological disorders often entail physical symptoms and increased risk of other diseases. As the National Institute of Mental Health puts it:


金宝搏彩票大风卫生与健康has always included mental health topics—a lot of them, in fact: In addition to the complete editions of theGale Encyclopedia of系列,其包括心理健康金宝搏彩票的大风百科全书The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine,有数以百计的参考文章和数以千计的新闻,杂志和期刊文章的主题。我们最近增加了30个新的课题,包括应对策略,悲伤和损失,冥想,精神疾病,青少年和抑郁症,以及青少年和压力,并有助于突出他们,使主题为可见的一切在金宝搏彩票大风卫生与健康, we’ve added a new mental health portlet on the home page. Along with the existing categories of Diseases and Conditions; Drugs; Diagnostics and Tests; and Therapies, Treatments, and Surgeries, there is now Mental Health, which features links to topic pages likeAlzheimer’s disease,anxiety,bipolar disorder,萧条,mental health社交媒体


1. “Chronic Illness & Mental Health,” National Institute of Mental Health, accessed April 20, 2020.

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