Practical SEL Tips for Students: Learning to Self-Manage

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Similarly, students also encounter their own challenges and must learn to self-manage, but for them, this skill is best learned through empowerment. According to CASEL’s骨架, self- management is “the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations. This includes managing stress, controlling impulses, motivating oneself, and setting and working toward achieving personal and academic goals.”1

但这可能是谈何容易。而这正是Gale eBookssocial and emotional (SEL) student collections come in.


For younger students, learning to manage different emotions and thoughts can be a difficult task to achieve, especially if they don’t understand what they’re feeling. Helping students recognize and respond to feelings in a healthy way is the first step towardlearning self-awareness, another of CASEL’s core competencies. Once students can grasp their feelings, the next step is to learn how handle them. Goal setting helps develop a growth mindset and build character, but students need to be guided on how to choose goals, set them, and reflect on them.

Elementary school children are still mastering the basics.TheI Have Feelings series by Britannica Digital Learning can help students learn how to not only identify their feelings but also how to best manage them.

Savina Collins,我是有感情的(芝加哥:大英百科全书数字化学习,2017年)。

年幼的学生也可以受益于学习如何通过创建健康的目标和程序来管理压力。Spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning通过PowerKids按下帮助学生建立健康的程序,如充足的睡眠,饮食规律和锻炼。例程也可以写在日记里,听音乐,或练瑜伽。

Theresa Emminizer,聚光灯在社会和情感学习:保持冷静和专注;压力管理(New York: PowerKids Press, 2020).

让学生明白,目标可以简单的周围创造,日常事务是非常重要的。刷完牙,做午饭,或采取宠物护理对于年轻的学习者都值得追求的目标。家长和老师可以使用几种Gale eBooksto guide students through goal setting and managing routines.



Self-motivation is an essential skill young people need to succeed at school and in life.Spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning: An Inner Drive; Self-Motivationintroduces the SEL core competency of self-management and the ability to set and work toward goals. Readers learn how to work through setbacks and harness their inner drive. Strategies for everyday use are paired with relatable scenarios to provide the tools needed to get motivated and succeed.

Caitie McAneney.Spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning: An Inner Drive; Self-Motivation(New York: PowerKids Press, 2020).


路易丝Spilsbury。Got Career Goals? Skills to Land Your Dream Job(New York: Enslow Publishing, 2019).

希望更多的想法,支持学生的SEL今年秋天Gale eBooks?Find practical tips here.

1.“What Is SEL?” CASEL,访问2020 7月15日。

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