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According to theOhio Department of Education, social and emotional learning is the “process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.”1在本书的安全页面,读者可以探索不同的观点和不同的导航挑战,因为他们走在众多人物的脚步。书籍可以作为镜子,让读者看到自己反映在谁可能会遇到类似于自己的情况或挑战的角色。这提供了鼓励,向他们展示他们并不孤单,让在看到解决的页面,并希望他们也会克服类似的挑战,冲突他们的信心。


Whether seeking to provide books as mirrors or lenses, the solution is the same: Ensure readers have access to a diverse selection of reading materials. Every reader has a niche of go-to books. As librarians, we must be diligent in actively seeking titles to meet the needs ofallour patrons, ensuring readers have access to a variety of viewpoints, styles, and experiences. Some of my favorite resources for finding diverse books are:

  • We Need Diverse BooksThis is a “non-profit and a grassroots organization of children’s book lovers that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry . . . to help produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.”2Check out their “Where to Find Diverse Books” listto find book lists that represent various cultures, religions, and abilities.
  • ALA获奖名单The American Library Association and its divisions place a high priority on advocating for equity and dialogue. Several divisions, including the Association for Library Service to Children, the Young Adult Library Services Association, and the American Association of School Librarians, have several awards and reading lists that highlight the best in recent titles for young people. Some of the awards that focus specifically on different cultures are the Pura Belpré, Coretta Scott King, and the Stonewall book awards, and the Over the Rainbow Project book lists.See the complete list of ALA book and media awards
  • #ownvoices -使用此井号标签在搜索引擎和社交媒体寻找的人谁是从该组中约不同的群体称号。该#ownvoices谈话突显不同作者和不同经历的真实,逼真刻画确保交涉。
  • Project LIT —这个运动,通过震动阿马托开始,代表整个谁纷纷表示要积极结束本书的沙漠和读者提供获得代表许多风格,音色和文化的图书在全国数以千计的教师和图书馆管理员。Learn more about Project LIT

Along with searching for diversetitles,teachers and librarians should advocate for providing access to different格式阅读。传统的图书爱好者经常与一本好书蜷缩,品尝印刷品的气味,品味页面的物理翻转的珍贵经验发言。这很容易陷入假设每个阅读体验一定是为我们的学生和顾客和所有的人都有阅读材料相同的访问一样。然而,我们最关心的问题之一是从业者必须是How do we reach the people who aren’t already reading?According toPew Research Center, 27 percent of U.S. adults reported they hadn’t read a book in any format in 2018, and that percentage was significantly higher for people who hadn’t graduated from high school; made less than $30,000 a year; or who were from minority groups, such black and Hispanic cultures.3The articleEnding Book Deserts: The Role We Can All Play in Putting More Books in More Hands凸显了文化上的鸿沟造成的,当孩子没有获得书籍。它指出,“在美国儿童的百分之四十五居住在缺乏公共图书馆和商店出售的书籍居民区或在书不存在的家园。。。结果是,32.4 million children go without books.4

While we definitely need to embrace efforts for increasing access to print titles, we also need to use the blessings of the digital age to help us meet the needs of every reader. Consider:

  • Audiobooks —They can help readers comprehend stories many levels above their print literacy, increase their fluency, expand vocabulary, and increase reading and listening skills. Many adults find that audiobooks provide the only way to fit reading into their busy lives, as they’re able to read in the car, during a workout, or while doing chores. Digital audiobooks also provide tools such as speeding up or slowing down text, bookmarking, and syncing across devices, which allows readers to individualize their reading experiences.
  • e-Books —In situations where physical distance or access prevents users from being able to select new print titles, eBooks can be available 24/7, 365 days a year, to users with some type of internet access. For teachers, this is significant in conversations about fighting the summer slide. The digital format also provides functionality that allows readers to personalize the reading experience to fit their needs. Readers can change background colors, font styles (including the dyslexia font), and sizes; add bookmarks and notes; use text to speech; and access linked dictionaries and search engines. For many, a digital book also provides a confidential reading experience. When readers feel the reading level or content of the book might draw unwanted attention on a bus commute, airplane, at the beach, or in the classroom, a digital book allows them to confidently read without fear of censure.
  • 大字体Recently, research has brought attention to how large print books provide a better reading experience, not only for readers with visual processing challenges, but for all. For example, research from桑代克按计划明天®found that “43% of 3‒12 graders reported a reduction in feelings of anxiety about reading [and] 60% of 6‒8 graders said they could focus better and didn’t lose their place due to distractions” when they were reading large print.5
  • Languages —How many of us could read a novel for pleasure in a second language? While we’re helping our English learners build their fluency with English, we must also consider providing access to quality books that can build literacy and reading pleasure in their first language.

One book does not fit all—there isn’t one magical book, or even canon, that will speak to every reader. The answer is access and choice. Let’s work together to increase access to a wide variety of books, expand the opportunities for choice reading in schools, and use choice reading as a launch pad for facilitating discussions based in empathy and compassion in order to build the social and emotional capacity of all learners. Our world desperately needs the healing power of books!

查看可用的大型印刷馆藏社会和情感学习Project LIT

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