Re-thinking Ready Reference with GVRL


By Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly




As a public librarian with limited space and funds,金宝搏彩票大风虚拟参考图书馆(GVRL)是我的首选资源之一。它充满了坏蛋ated general information, just like the old print encyclopedias. Those same materials, once in book form, are now just a click away. With GVRL, patrons and librarians can enjoy access to this information without consideration of shelf space.

该delivery and management of the content inGVRL提供全天候服务,而无需个人称号退房。没有DRM限制,因此内容可以下载到电子书阅读器没有任何额外的跳火圈通过。这就像这本书在你的手与全彩色,全文字,网页逐页内容,但友好的移动设备和电脑屏幕。

傻瓜andComplete Idiot’s Guides

Recently theGVRLexpanded to include popular books on a variety of subjects. Patron favorites like the傻瓜andComplete Idiot’s Guides现在访问。该品种称号,令人咋舌。他们介绍的主题和术语,没有先验知识的假设。他们缓解你轻轻,但没有牺牲内容。在这些系列阅读任何一本书后,你会觉得你的话题有基本的了解。他们为完美的进修课程,太。

DK目击者andRough Guides

DK目击者旅游指南都充满了华丽的画面,完美的规划您的行程,甚至只是扶手椅旅行。他们给的历史和文化,他们建议看,当你旅行的网站后面。这有助于你决定你最感兴趣的是什么,也使得这些旅游指南伟大的学校报告。他们仍然有所有有用的地图,餐厅建议,任何良好的旅游指南的酒店选择。Rough Guidestake travelers off-the-beaten-path with all kinds of alternatives to the most popular sights. The beauty of this in electronic form is that it takes up no space and is current. With remote access, patrons can now tap into this information, regardless of where they are in the world. In other words, it is easy to pack!

Integrating a database into regular reference work is often difficult. Patrons are not tech savvy or are intimidated by a database. Librarians can also struggle when trying to integrate a new methodology when helping patrons.Here are 5 tips to help you integrate and demonstrate the power of a database with your patrons.

1.不要用“数据库”。Use generic words like “library” to describe the database. Many tech-hesitant patrons think that technology is not for them when we use computer language.

2. Emphasize the similarity ofGVRLto books.就像古代的卡片目录,除了没有白色小卡片和呼叫号码,整本书只是一个或两个点击。

3. Create in-house, step-by-step instructions.Cheat sheets with pictures are a great way to comfort a patron who is convinced that they won’t remember anything. Even in the simplest interface, the computer can be intimidating.

4.确保图书馆员帮助顾客。Never turn away a patron who is uncomfortable with technology. Walk them through it as many times as needed. Customer service is essential to making any new product work in a library.

五。Use new resources as much as possible.图书馆员倾向于帮助顾客走时自动驾驶。强迫自己与公众使用的数据库,并谈了。沉浸在自己的内容。

该changing landscape of ready reference is constantly evolving. Librarians need to be leading the charge as new technologies and products are offered to our public. There is good curated information sitting inGVRLto help your patrons navigate the brave new world.

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About the Authors

Holly is the Adult Services Coordinator at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, MI. She has a mild obsession with collection quality (ok, maybe not so mild) and can be found at the Readers’ Advisory desk dreaming up read-alikes.

玛丽是在里昂T青年服务的图书管理员ownship Public Library in South Lyon, MI. She, too, is obsessed with collection quality, and has taken it up a notch with never ending shelf lists, spreadsheets, and inventory. Mary has a special knack for linking books to readers of all ages.

Together Mary and Holly are the authors of “Making a Collection Count: a holistic approach to library collection management.” They also tweet at@awfullibbooksand blog


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