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We’ve talked a lot about how金宝搏彩票大风artemis:文学来源can help your students take their research to new levels.Topic Finderis often highlighted as a major reason for this type of success (in addition to the ability to cross-search, obviously).

While sayingTopic Finderis a powerful tool may seem enticing, we thought showing might be better.

As you may or may not know,Topic Finderis a tool that takes your search term, searches within the available content, and creates visual connections to that search. It offers a way to think about your search differently and open new gateways based on search results and key terms.

Let’s get right to it.


虽然有能力选择自己的主题听起来解放,但它也可以是令人生畏的任务。我经常在适当的时候想出我的话题,但我肯定可以使用类似的东西Topic Finder加快这个过程。

I particularly had trouble with Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. You may think that this massive novel is filled with topic possibilities, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it was hard for me to narrow down my options. It gave me a lot of angles to attack, but no clear path.

When I go into金宝搏彩票大风artemis:文学来源and search “Anna Karenina,” then click onTopic Finder那I am presented with a wheel of words.

Artemis-1在这种情况下,Topic Findersearches through all of my literary resources and locates key terms within search results for Anna Karenina. It finds the terms with the most results and breaks them down further from there.



Right away, I can start thinking about topics for a paper. Instead of thinking about the novel from a broad view, I’m now thinking about looking at it在爱情或莱文方面。点击莱文,我可以看到工作背景下有40个结果。仍然可能有点太广泛。



Briefly scanning the article, I see it discusses Anna and Levin as counterparts in terms of their stories (hooray Levin!). Within the article, I also see a few mentions of Russia, which is now just as interesting to me. For instance, it makes reference to how in Italy, Anna’s dependency satisfies her whereas in Russia that same dependency becomes vicious.

Artemis-4.文章提到了一些关于俄罗斯的其他差异,真正扼杀了我,并引导我参加一个我想深入进入的话题。基于使用Topic Finder并通过结果来看看,如果我今天写一篇论文,我会写下在安娜卡雷纳的地点Artemis-3and its impact on love.

I’m now actually really curious to see what the differences might be and what I else I can find. I’m not sure I would have found this topic if I hadn’t used the主题查找器。写这个博客让我想念我的英语课,因为使用这个工具给了我一个真正的火花。

您是否正在进行研究或您的学生,Topic Finder是一个有价值的工具金宝搏彩票大风artemis:文学来源. I might have to spend more time later looking at other essays I could have written. For now, I’ll just have to imagine the possibilities your students have this semester!

Have you or your students have usedTopic Finder吗?我鼓励你去评论,我告诉我t. I’m curious as to what new topics have come up while using this fascinating tool!


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