New Smithsonian Primary Sources in U.S. History: Lively, First Person, and Real


主要来源已经被称为历史的片段 - 这表明一个时刻在时间上的图像的小窗口。阿信,一本回忆录,个人账户 - 每一个提供了一个独特的,往往个人观点。而当他们以一种有意义的方式放在一起,他们创造的历史事件,人物,并同时支持国家学习标准发展的全面和丰富的画面。188金宝搏北京赛车


  • 通过检查的意义,背景,偏见,目的上来看,多培养批判性思考能力。
  • Pursue independent learning as they construct knowledge by interacting with sources that represent different accounts of the same event/topic.
  • 了解的观点和偏见如何影响历史的解释。

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Are you ready for the swarm of kids eager to learn about today’s most admired sports and athletes? 2016 Summer Reading Program is upon us, and learning shouldn’t stop when classes are out for the summer. Keep your library’s school-aged users engaged and on track with fun and authoritative eBooks from Gale.


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Flit, Float, Fly Away



Spring is on the way and we can’t wait to start exploring outside. There are a lot of fun ways to help quench spring fever in your classroom and on March 14th you have the perfect opportunity with ‘National Learn About Butterflies Day’!

Does your school have a butterfly garden? Are there opportunities to watch a butterfly emerge from his chrysalis in your classroom? Do you use butterflies to talk about the life cycle? We have a collection of Gale titles for grade school and middle school classes to help get you going. Take a peek and let us know how you will be integrating these resources and more in your classroom.

This book describes and compares the physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, life cycle, diet, and reproduction of these amazing insects.

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Booklist Webinar: Best Practices for Large Print

Join Booklist and Thorndike Press for this free, hour-long webinar on building successful large-print collections. Speakers will include Nancy Pearl, Nora Rawlinson (EarlyWord), Tamara Kraus (Hickory County Public Library, NC), and Lisa Joyce (Portland Library, ME). Don’t miss this valuable program, featuring advice on all things large print: collection-development trends, reading group tips, and best …Read more

Grow Your Nonfiction Collection with Britannica Digital Learning Titles

Posted on September 2, 2015

Easy to search and highly visual nonfiction titles from Britannica Digital Learning can be a resource for your libraries and classrooms to help meet the education research needs for students of all ages. Available on Gale’s award-winningGVRLplatform, students can take advantage of popular tools like automatic citation generation highlighting, annotation and more.

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