ARBA, Booklist, & Library Journal Praise Three Gale Resources

| By Gale Staff | American Reference Books Annual (ARBA), Booklist, and Library Journal are the most comprehensive, authoritative databases for quality reviews of print and electronic reference works. Launched in response to popular demand from library professionals, ARBA has been a trusted resource for more than 30 years and Library Journal was created 140 …Read more

Library Journal Reviews Pacifism Resources

最近,罗布坦奇,馆员Old Dominion大学图书馆,通过战争,军国主义,或冲突的和平主义,反对审查资源纪念第一次世界大战结束100周年。他指出,“虽然对战争研究的体积远远超过上和平,这些产品多补多在质量可能是什么?Read more

Gale’s American Civil Liberties Union Papers Tops Library Journals Best Database List

Yesterday, Library Journal released their annual Best Database list. We are proud to announce that Gale’s American Civil Liberties Union Papers tops the list for 2017. Read the review below and help us in congratulating all who helped build this one-of-a-kind database. American Civil Liberties Union Papers In 2017, Gale released two portions of this new database: …Read more


By Kelly Torpey


I joined Gale as a marketing team member just over six months ago. I’m new to the world of libraries, and in truth, I was hoping to listen. To listen to what libraries and librarians go through on a daily basis; their conversations, struggles, and triumphs. I was also hoping to add some type of value to the conversations I was a part of, even though I knew (or, at least I thought) my own professional and personal experiences may not be 100% relatable.

Read more因此,非馆员走入图书馆的图书馆全部...