Diving into The Olympics

By Tara Blair

Zeus prepares to hurl his trademark thunderbolts.

More than70%的e world’s population tune in to the Olympics, it’s no surprise that the event is ranked as the most common shared experience on Earth. We know the world is well informed of the quadrennial event held and are patiently waiting for August 5th. I backtracked nearly 3,000 years on Gale resources to uncover some knowledge and history most fans are unaware of.

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Originating in 776 BCE, the Olympics began as a festival to honor the mythological希腊主神宙斯. As the son to the supreme god of time,Cronus, and goddess of fertility,Rhea, Zeus was the leader of the heavens and earth. After overthrowing his father through a tremendous war with a few devotedTitans和他的破坏性的雷电,宙斯着手把宇宙的控制。从他们在山法庭裁决奥林巴斯,宙斯,以及其他的泰坦,成为著名的奥林匹亚诸神。随着故事的推移,在山脚下开发的宗教节日崇拜宙斯和接近他的实力。为了纪念伟大的所有神灵,希腊人认为他们应该为他提供最好的一切,其中包括灵巧的身体素质。因此,奥运会诞生了。

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Posted on October 8, 2015

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