Offsetting the Diploma Deficit

今天,高中辍学率已经达到流行的程度。有近40万美国人没有高中文凭和那些希望重返高中有限的选项成年人。令人吃惊的数字来自美国人口普查局2012年美国社区调查之下,揭开究竟有多少成年人在每个国家都有少...Read more


By Barbara M.

Where I grew up, visiting the library was a Saturday morning downtown trip . My mother, heading for the Bargain Basement at Hess’ Dept Store, dropped me off and I excitedly ran up many stone library steps to open tall, wooden and glass doors. Enormous bronze handles easily gave way to the children’s section waiting for me on the second floor.

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Cute Answer From Freshman Library Orientation Survey

By Kelly B. Recently, a fun answer came from a freshman during our Library Orientation survey. The question was “Are there any books that you think our library needs to have?” Most students answered with a simple yes or no or gave their favorite title. One student wrote a very thoughtful response to the question. …Read more

Library Research Forever Changed My Son’s Life


去年五月,我18岁的儿子有一个摩托车事故和严重骨折他的左锁骨。两次访问当地的专家和外科医生后,我被他们的预后失望......一个说什么也不做,即使我的儿子的骨头被刺刀,通过他的皮肤几乎戳;而另一个表示他应该有一个髋关节移植物和5” 六个螺钉金属板手术。这将留下巨大的疤痕,他的一只手臂将缩短,他将极有可能在四十几岁背部疼痛。......作为医疗图书管理员,我对自己说,“我不知道InfoTrac能告诉我吗?

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