Gale’s Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: A Must-Have Source on Immigrant History

|通过塔拉Atterberry |约翰·哈罗尔,苏格兰商人,被迫离开了他的家和家人在1773年十二月在寻找就业的一个更稳定的手段。他走遍欧洲各地超过六周时间,但无法保证就业和绝望的工作。作为最后的手段,...Read more

Gale’s Passenger & Immigration Lists Index: Reasons They Came

|通过塔拉Atterberry |While researching new sources of North American immigration content for the upcoming 2020 edition of Gale’s Passenger & Immigration List Index, I located ship passenger manifests that included the myriad of reasons immigrants left their homes to take a chance on building a life in the New World. For example, …Read more