The Education Advantage in a Matter of Words


By Bethany Dotson

在一月底,我有独特的乐趣前往白雪皑皑的寒冷和芝加哥采访霍华德县公共图书馆总瓦莱丽总裁兼首席执行官(MD)。我们在那里讨论瓦莱丽的想法,在她的书中最突出的摆出来,Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage


Valerie lives, breathes, and walks theEducation Advantage的使命。在我们会议的视频,您将notice most of the time all I could do was nod along in agreement—I certainly couldn’t have said any of it any better. Valerie argues that the best way for a library to promote itself is to very clearly brand itself as an educational institution—which, of course, it is. Not支持教育—but an educational institution equivalent to any school or institute of higher education.

In the same way that Evian tells a compelling story about the value of their water (“luxury mineral water from the heart of the French Alps”) and thus commands a premium price, libraries have an opportunity to tell a compelling story about the value they bring to their community by providing educational opportunities through self-directed, instructor-led, and experiential learning experiences.



Take a few minutes to watch the video, below—I can’t promise that you’ll agree with everything that Valerie says, but I can promise that she’ll make you think about how you talk about your library—and in the end, that’s all we ask.

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