Travel Back in Time with Historical Artifacts

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爱迪生会说话的玩偶 2



  • 饲料袋连衣裙
  • 约翰·布朗的利器步枪
  • 爱迪生会说话的玩偶
  • 迷幻饭盒
  • 猴子听的斯科普斯审判

Stumped? They’re all in史密森主要来源在美国历史– a wonderful, curated collection of original sources, with hundreds and hundreds from the Smithsonian archives and museums. You can browse by era to find all kinds of fascinating documents and artifacts, or search for something specific. A search on “Lincoln” shows an Abraham Lincoln life mask, Mary Todd Lincoln’s mourning watch, a Lincoln tea ad (who knew?), and prison hoods of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, among other items. A click on the “Cold War Era” reveals items such as Tiki glasses, the Atlantic Charter document, Apollo 11 Command Module, and a TV tray table. Details follow each primary source image, noting its historical relevance, and Quick Facts and Critical Thinking Questions are provided as well. For curious minds, Related Items of interest point you to more incredible finds.

Jock the Monkey Listening to the Scopes Trial 3


亚伯拉罕·林肯生命面膜 4

So grab a hat and travel back in time through this treasure trove—from the 1450 Pre-Colonial Era to the present—experiencing the highs and lows of the United States’ history through Westward Expansion, the Civil War, Industrialization, the World Wars, the Great Depression, and more, and experience life as it was lived through these collections from the Smithsonian.

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