Two Thumbs Up for Women’s Studies Archive: Voice and Vision

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Voice and Vision,the second installment of the award-winning series,Women’s Studies Archive,看起来与众不同妇女选举权探索研究的重要领域,包括奴役,酒精和禁酒运动,和平和政治活动,家政服务,教育,健康和卫生,离婚和社会改革的取消,以及更多。

Recently,ccAdvisorLibrary Journalpublished reviews ofVoice and Vision,calling out the scope and diversity of theWomen’s Studies Archive和its strength:

“This user-friendly tool for primary-source research is astrong addition for academic libraries supporting researchin areas such as women’s history and gender studies, as well as programs that engage in social and historical research. The focus on women’s voices provides an important perspective for research, while the emphasis on female authored works makes it stand out from the crowd.”
— Gricel Dominguez, Librarian, Florida International University
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实力雄厚Women’s Studies Archive是收藏的范围和多样性。。。包容的,而不是书面材料的重点,女性是一个可喜的变化,以丰富的材料从男性的角度写的。。。Voice and Vision为用户提供访问的19有关妇女问题的有价值的主要来源材料th和20thcenturies on a user-friendly platform with the tools necessary to access and interact with the content . . . The search interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and will be familiar to users of other Gale databases . . .Women’s Studies Archiveoffers access to unique collections, spanning two centuries and incorporating a diverse, global perspective—all with the convenience of searching on a user-friendly platform with search tools and functionality that make possible ease of discovery and interactivity.”
- 珍妮弗·德维托A.,访问和用户服务/副馆长,纽约州立石溪大学的董事(NY)
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