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DK and Gale can help. Now through July 7, three great Las Vegas travel guides areavailable for free to youon our award-winning GVRL eBook platform. GVRL’snew online book browsingexperience really brings these visually stunning guides to life.

  • 袖珍粗糙指南拉斯维加斯Vegas-A condensed view of the key sights with great maps and summaries
  • 目击者十大旅游指南:拉斯维加斯Vegas-提供了拉斯维加斯的背景信息,介绍了文化和历史,并建议餐饮,娱乐和户外活动(坦率地说,你可能希望避免的,因为这将是百万度)
  • 粗略的指南拉斯维加斯—Learn tips for saving your way through Sin City with this guidebook, which presents Las Vegas attractions and restaurants through the lens of various budgets

Use GVRL’s bells and whistles to easily turn your research into an itinerary:

  • 跨搜索所有三个冠军或浏览各电子书覆盖到覆盖的在线界面内(很友好的iPad也!)
  • 在文章,地图,或“最佳的”列表,你喜欢和使用的打印,电子邮件或下载功能,以保存它的离线引用(临提示:检查出另类展品文章,你可以研究一个CSI式的谋杀。奥秘在米高梅大酒店!)
  • 时间紧迫,现在和起飞之间?下载MP3格式的文章来听,而你通勤工作(或拉斯维加斯)

You can alsoaccess the travel guides on-the-fly from your smartphoneusingthe mobile-optimized PowerSearch platform.

Booklist reviewedDK的旅游指南in the April issue: “DK travel guides are as brilliantly illustrated as they are rigorously helpful.”

Experience the brilliance for yourself [desktop/tablet要么smartphone] and swing by booth #1303 to let us know what you’ve planned—while you’re there, catch a show from our aerialist or play our custom slot machine for a chance to win $200!