The Research Habits of Public Library Users:


Consumer behavior studies, industry stats and eBook usage reports reveal what people want from their libraries, how and what they’re researching, and what libraries are doing to meet the growing (yes, growing!) demand for credible, cross-searchable nonfiction eBook content.

  • More than half of today’s public library users say they visit the library to research topics of interest1—and what’s of interest is often history, self-help, cooking, health and fitness, business and careers, hobbies, general reference, how-to and DIY projects.2
  • 事实上,“做研究和使用的参考材料”是仅次于质量时间与孙子(AW!)为理由,增加图书馆的时间比排名借阅和使用电脑高。3


We know that research matters to today’s public library users, and we know that libraries are expert in selecting the content they need—so the reports and studies should be all good, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.


  • 与复杂的登录和下载程序用户斗争,6:1保持到复印比例和需要知道在哪个标题寻找自己的答案。6
  • 通过多年的互联网搜索的经过培训的用户期望快速访问相关的答案,电子书平台设计围绕浏览完整的目录,检查出一个单独的标题改为覆盖到覆盖不太满足需要。
  • 与此同时,图书馆努力伸展持平或材料预算减少跨越来越多的格式,并通过促销活动,并通过与节目内容整合到产生这些资源的意识。7

如果像许多图书馆,你有你的社区的脉冲你的手指,这些事实可能并不会让你大吃一惊。然而,很多图书馆专业人员find surprising is that an eBook platform already exists to help you overcome the challenges typically associated with usage.

You can deliver many of the most-requested nonfiction eBooks onGVRL,a search-optimized platform that gives users unlimited simultaneous access to a hassle-free eBook experience—anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

这并不是说GVRLaspires to replace popular platforms like OverDrive or 3M, which are great for fiction, biography, memoir and other genres. But when it comes to nonfiction content like self-help, how-to, cooking, health, science, travel and many of the other most researched topics, Gale’s platform delivers a better user experience.

See more revealing facts and figures about why Research Matters, and that怎么样你研究的问题了。GVRL。做你的研究


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