Storytime Goes STEM!

STEM storytime


Yes, I freely admit it, I think too much like a librarian. Often this is an asset, but when I first started addingSTEM进入我讲故事节目,这成了一个问题。我一直在寻找的书籍在非小说章节读给孩子们。我去到最喜欢的是Red-Eyed Tree Frogby Joy Cowley, illustrated by Nic Bishop, andActual Sizeby Steve Jenkins, both solidly in the 500s. While I love these books, I was thinking too small. It took Lynn Cole, a science educator from theQueens Library Children’s Discovery Center, to shift my thinking during her staff training on science activities for preschoolers at theBrooklyn Public Library(BPL). She opened my mind to another way of thinking about the books I was already sharing by reminding us we could find science and math concepts in the picture book section as much as anywhere.

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