How to Manage 71 Experian Mosaics as Library Patron Profiles

|希瑟·霍夫曼,数字内容协调,托莱多卢卡斯县公共图书馆|在2016年,托莱多卢卡斯县公共图书馆制定了新的战略计划有三个重点领域:支持必不可少的素养培育创新和领导力的培养,加强我们的社区参与加强我们的社区参与一直是工作重点,为图书馆,...Read more


Once you know exactly who is and isn’t using its products and services, you can affect change and focus outreach and collections based on real community data. Learn how Sacramento Public Library uses powerful insights from Analytics On Demand to make collection decisions, inform staff, and market to targeted groups. Register now >> Panelists Amy …Read more

New, Free, Bonus Analytics On Demand Apps

Analytics(分析)On Demand

Analytics(分析)On Demandusers’ access to useful bonus apps keeps growing! Ten are now available in the Free Apps library. Here are descriptions of the most recently added:

Create a ServiceAreaallows users to input an excel worksheet that contains the branch name and a geography code on each individual row. The geography code needs to be either a block group, a census tract, or a zip code. Each row has to be consistent in terms of the geography type selected as you can not mix and match (use block group, census tract and zip code in the same worksheet).

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